Our services include Migration and Visa Services, Public Notary, Real Estate and Property Matters (purchases, sales and leases), Commercial/Business Matters and Debt Recovery and Court Representations [in most jurisdictions] and Wills and Deceased Estates.

Migration and Visa Services

We offer advice and assistance for people wishing to obtain temporary and permanent visas for Australia, for businesses who want to nominate or sponsor overseas workers to work in Australia and for people who want to sponsor a spouse or partner to live in Australia. Migration laws and regulations change frequently, and it can be important to obtain timely professional advice on a range of issues that may affect visa pathways and visa outcomes. Please contact us for more information.

Any professional providing immigration assistance must be registered as a Migration Agent and must act in accordance with the Migration Agents Registration Authority Code of Conduct (“The Code”) during the provision of services to clients. Please refer to for a copy of Code of Conduct as displayed on the Authority's web site. Our Principal, Charles Appleton is registered with MARN: 0213221.

Public Notary Services

The Office of Notary has its origins in Roman times and has developed through the centuries in various forms throughout the world. Traditionally the Office has been referred to as “Notary Public” but some jurisdictions (including the State of New South Wales) have sought to modernise the name to “Public Notary” – different names but they mean the same thing.

In Australia, the role of Notaries is usually limited to dealings with documents involving international affairs, in particular certifying and authenticating documents, and witnessing and attesting affidavits, declarations, forms and other documents, for use overseas.

Different countries have different formalities to be observed before documents signed outside the destination country can be accepted. For some countries the procedures are simple, and for some they are not. For some countries, there is a ‘chain of authentication’ which requires multiple seals to be placed on documents before a document prepared or executed overseas will be accepted. Usually the process starts with the certificate of the Public Notary; it may then require a certificate from the Commonwealth Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and/or then the High Commission, Embassy or Consular Representative of the country concerned. Many countries are signatories to the Hague Convention which has simplified the old ‘chain of authentication’, and some countries will accept the Seal of an Australian Public Notary without further proof. Charles is able to assist with witnessing and certification of documents for all countries.

Charles Appleton’s Notarial Seal is recognised by the Commonwealth Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

The Attorney General produces a Scale of Notary Fees – the cost depends on the type of document and the amount of time involved. Please contact our office for more information.

Real Estate and Property Matters

We can help you whether you are buying or selling a house, unit, land, factory or any other sort of property. We can also advise on other property transactions such as leases, mortgages, transfers, easements, covenants and restrictions, and related matters such as obtaining building or pest inspections or survey reports.

Often, the transfer of a business includes a related property transaction, such as taking up a new lease, or taking an Assignment of an existing one. You can rely on our firm's experience in dealing with these matters.

Wills and Deceased Estates

Whether you need help in ensuring your Will clearly reflects your last wishes, or whether you need help in handling a deceased estate, contact us. An enforceable Will is the only effective method of ensuring that your home, business or investment assets are distributed in accordance with your wishes.

If you have been appointed as an executor under a Will it is important for you to be properly advised as to your obligations and responsibilities. It is equally important that Probate or Administration of the Will be granted without delay and the Estate's assets be properly protected and distributed. At the same time you may need advice concerning possible claims against the Estate by beneficiaries and those excluded from the Will.

If you think that a Will may not have been effectively executed, or if you believe that the last Will of a Deceased person did not make adequate financial provision for one or more persons who had been dependent upon the Deceased at some time, we can advise on the potential merits of such a claim or claims and, if necessary, assist in making an appropriate Application to the Court to challenge the Will or to seek an Order that financial provision should be made from the Estate.

Commercial/Business Matters and Debt Recovery

We can assist in the formulation and drafting of agreements and documents designed to protect your interests and manage and minimise your exposure to risk.

If your business simply has to chase its debtors for money owed, we can advise you about your situation and take recovery action, if required. If a dispute has arisen, or seems likely to arise, we advise you about your situation and your options. We can undertake negotiations on your behalf and/or represent you in Mediation or Arbitration or take or defend Court proceedings, if necessary.

For the conduct of Court proceedings, we can advise on the law, practice, procedure and evidence relevant to your matter, including obtaining and using expert evidence, strategies and tactics, and we can instruct Counsel, for advice and/or representation at Court, and advice on obtaining expert evidence, as necessary.

Court Representations

Charles Appleton has extensive experience as an advocate in many jurisdictions, and we can arrange representation in most Courts and Tribunals.